Chemistry – A Textbook: aims to provide learners with the basic vocabulary and language through the understanding of the fundamental chemical principles and concepts to speak chemistry with confidence. Once this has been achieved you will find chemistry both fascinating and enjoyable and consequently be successful in your studies.

Chemistry – A Textbook is divided into six (6) highly readable and understandable chapters, covering the fundamental concepts and principles of chemistry. Visual Information Boxes provide simple visual summaries of the text. Great emphasis is placed on acquiring the 150 words required to have a basic knowledge and understanding of any new language.Vital Vocabulary is highlighted in bold and re-defined in the Vital Vocabulary Builder found at the end of each Chapter. The more words you know, the more you will be able to understand chemistry and the better you will be able to speak chemistry with confidence.

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Counting Moles: Students studying chemistry often struggle with the mole. Counting Moles provide s an effective aid to learning by giving clear and confident presentation of the essentials of the mole concept needed by those starting chemistry courses. This user-friendly self-teach e-book is split into six chapters which sequentially introduce the ‘mole calculating frame’ to help solve problems. Over 200 fully worked examples are given along with several hundred questions. The mole concept is applied to topics such as relative atomic mass and relative formula mass, percentage composition, empirical and molecular formula. The book also covers concentration, its units, volumetric analysis and the relationship between volume, mass and moles of gases. Counting Moles culminates in you taking a Mole Driving Test. On passing this test, you are issued with a Counting Moles Driving License that will give you all the confidence required to correctly answer all mole calculations. 

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