Visual Chemistry

REMEMBER IT ……..Learn Chemistry the Visual Way – the modern way to master the fundamentals of chemistry. Chemistry is a visual science. Kekule, credited the discovery of the benzene ring to a daydream, in which he visualised a group of atoms moving like a snake and grabbing its own tail. Chemists sketch structures of reactants and products, and draw symbols, arrows, and equations to describe chemical processes. These chemical representations spatially present the imagery of particles and their geometrical shape in two dimensions and compose a spatial language. They present information that may not be easily understood otherwise and allow chemists to think visually and convey information efficiently through a form of visual display.

Visual Chemistry Cards are recommended for any student or teacher currently drowning in words within today’s outdated textbooks. The simple-to-understand visual cards are in a printable PDF format and cover the fundamentals of chemistry. New sets of cards will be added on a regular basis.


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