A new, simple, uncluttered and visual way to study chemistry …….

Chemistry revision notes, step-by-step calculation guides, videos &  practice questions with worked solutions

Suitable for A-level (UK), AP (US), VCE /HSE (Australia), IB (Worldwide) & GATE, CBSE, IIT Jam (India)

Chemistry is a challenging subject for most people, but it doesn’t have to be. The number one reason people struggle with chemistry is that they don’t approach it the right way. Follow our simple 5-step study programme:

to master the fundamentals of chemistry.

Contemporary textbooks in chemistry seem have adopted the notion that “more is better“; the books are long, expensive, and the pages are often cluttered with interesting tit bits and restatements of what it is that you have “just learned”.

Although many educational institutions utilise virtual learning environments (Moodle/Blackboard) to enhance and compliment textbooks, students are often still expected to:

    • read large chunks from gargantuan textbooks;
    • regurgitate information;
    • sit through traditional ‘broadcast’ style lectures;
    • complete homework assignments that often simply test the ability to look answers up online.

This model is outdated, tired, and scientifically proven to be ineffective. Extensive pedagogic research over the past few decades has established that not everyone learns in the same way. is the antidote to modern chemistry texts and websites – designed to be simple, uncluttered and very much to the point. Emphasis is given to acquiring an understanding of fundamental chemical concepts in the same way as you learn a foreign language. Explanations of chemical concepts are concise, enhanced by simple line drawings designed to appeal to visual learners. Vital Vocabulary is introduced in a logical step-by-step manner allowing the learner to start to speak chemistry with confidence.

ChemTextbook.Com provides an easy to understand introduction to the fundamental concepts of chemistry and simple step-by-step guides to solving chemical calculations. Each type of calculation is introduced in a very gentle way, making no great assumptions about your chemistry knowledge or maths ability. There are then lots of worked examples, gradually getting more difficult and showing as many variations on a calculation as possible.  Self teach videos are also available to further enhance your learning and understanding. Visual Chem Cards provide aesthetically pleasing revision aids and make the most of past paper questions and topic tests to monitor your progress. Max Labs

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